Articles Written By Marlene Lathrop

Want to get to know Marlene a little bit better and learn more about what she has to say? These articles written by Marlene Lathrop highlight some of the topics she’s passionate about – relationships, communication, and family.

When is it Time to See the Love Doctor?

Most of us have been half of a couple at least once. Those relationships lasting a year or more may be considered long-term. Some assume that long term means it’s a fulfilling and successful love story. Maybe not. Instead, it may be time to get some help.

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Communication Styles : Understanding the Difference Between Men and Women

Why is it that when a woman says one thing her spouse hears something completely different? This is not unique to one gender, however. It is well known to most of us that males often characterize communication with females as a mystery of legendary proportions, fraught with hazardous misunderstandings. Why does it seem so hard to communicate with the opposite sex?

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Rituals Mean Little Unless They Open Our Hearts

As children grow, families move apart, and relationships change, we must all cope with layers of loss. All the family traditions are altered and the Holidays become the most poignant and difficult for us. Everyone has to find their own way through it, but this was my experience.

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